Terms and Conditions

Day rates include:

  1. Transport to and from Queenstown or Wanaka airports and ground transport while hunting. Wanaka or Queenstown are our preferred airports and there are direct from flights from Auckland where most international hunters arrive
  2. Experienced professional  guide and his/her own vehicle ,rifles optical equipment and hunting gear.
  3. Accommodation and meals for the duration of the hunt
  4. Field preparation of trophies and transport to of trophies to our local taxidermist for mounting or expediting . The trophies are prepared and frozen before being sent to taxidermist or expediter
  5. The use of our firearms and ammunition  ( Because of weight restrictions on airlines hunters often use our rifles which are of high quality and kept in good condition)

Not included:

  • International  and local airfares, airport taxes and any use of helicopters (unless helicopters are specifically  included in the price of a hunt)
  • Any tours ,accommodation ,meals or rentals before and after the hunt
  • Expediting, taxidermy and shipping costs of trophy. (For trophies to leave NZ and be imported into another country there are requirements for their preparation and packaging, SMA recommend and have access to an taxidermist and expediter who will prepare and package the trophy which is then delivered to an accredited shipper to prepare documentation and to ship to the accredited receivers and then to the clients. They endeavour to do this in approx. 4 weeks . SMA  will provide the taxidermist and expediters with your full details and you will be encouraged to make email contact with them to ensure correct delivery.)
  • Costs and fees associated with bringing a firearm into NZ. ($25 fee payable to NZ Police in the customs part of airport)
  • Changes to itinerary or other travel details requested by the client(we are very happy to help you with any before or after hunt travels you wish to do)
  • Passports and visa expenses or excess baggage charges. (Clients should check luggage rules on airlines carefully)
  • Gratuities ( hunters can decide these themselves)


  • All prices are in $usd unless stated otherwise
  • To reserve dates for hunting  with SMA, a deposit of 1/3 of the total hunt cost is to be paid on signing the contract and confirming dates. The remainder to be paid 30 days prior the hunt date. (a higher deposit may be required for super gold quality animals) SMH will provide bank transfer details to assist in easy and speedy payment
  • Your guide will estimate the score of your trophy before a shot is taken. The guide estimate is binding, if the trophy is larger than estimated the client pays only the price of the guides estimate, if the trophy is less than the agreed size range the client pays an amount applicable to a lesser trophy. Where a dispute arises an independent  Master Measurer will be sought at the clients expense if any.
  • Trophy fees on additional animals taken and non hunter/tour cost are payable at the end of the hunt.
  • If you cancel your hunt before Nov 1 on the year  prior to hunting , 100% of your deposit will be credited toward a hunt in the next  year. If you cancel after Nov 1 a 50% loss will occur with 50% going forward to a hunt in the following season, if there has been a price increase in that time it will be passed on to the client.
  • Photographs taken by SMA staff or guides remain the property of SMA . Photographs taken on the hunt may be used in any of SMA advertising material. If a copy is given to a hunter it cannot be sold or used by the hunter for pecuniary gain
  • Trophy fees will be paid on any animals wounded or lost


  • SMA recommend that you have insurance to cover every eventuality, including hunt cancellations, travel, medical and accident insurance. NZ govt’s ACC scheme has very limited coverage for accidents for rehabilitation assistance (this may change). NZ laws eliminate the possibility of clients jnstjgating claims against SMA. SMA does not carry any insurance that insures you or your property.
  • Hunters are asked to bring all their  personal medication with them, and be in reasonable physical condition. Should clients fall ill, SMA  will make all reasonable efforts to ensure prompt access to medical help. All costs of special transport will be at the client’s expense.

Romalpa clause:

  • Any trophies supplied by SMA  the property of SMA until such time as all money owed to SMA and including storage costs ,is paid in full.SMA will deliver the trophies to their taxidermist/expediter  or designated clients South Island taxidermist of the hunters choice, or his agent upon full and final payment.


  • SMA will not be obliged to pay compensation or reimbursement of any costs or expenses (including economic loss and loss of business or business opportunity) arising from any loss, damage and delay. Or other events giving rise to loss delay or damage and incurred by you as a client and which is beyond the reasonable control of and occurs without any fault or negligence on the part of SMA or its authorised staff.
  • SMA will have no responsibility to you as client for any delay of failure in performance of any of its obligations under the client contract where failure is occasioned by unavoidable and significant weather conditions or other events beyond their control. Including but not limited to strikes, lockouts, labour disturbances, contagious diseases (animal or human) Government or Local Authority intervention, discontinuance of power supply or civil commotion.
  • SMA shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the client when the client is participating in the activities provided by SMA. However, notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, the client (including the client’s heirs, executors, administrators or successors) agrees that the safari/hunt and all related activities are undertaken at the client’s own risk and hereby irrevocably waives and abandons all and any rights or claims which the client may have against SMA, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents or contractors, arising in consequence of any death, damage, injury, accident, illness, attack by wild animals, or insects or loss that might otherwise occur, or which the client may sustain, however occurring and whether directly or indirectly in relation to the safari and/or hunt and any related activities including (but not limited to); boating, fixed wing flying and helicopter flying and whether damage or loss is due to persons or directors, shareholders, employees or contractors to SMA. This disclaimer indemnifies and holds SMA, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents or contractors, and any party providing assistance or facilities utilised by the safari harmless against all and any claims in respect of personal injury, damage to property, death, accident, loss or the like, arising from any cause whatsoever as a result of the participation of the client in the safari and the activities provided for the client by SMA.
  • It is a condition of the client’s visit to any of the facilities that SMA may from time to time use, such as accommodation providers, hunting and fishing camps and areas, that neither their owner nor SMA, its directors, shareholders, agents, employees or contractors accept any claim for loss or damage to person or property owned by the client and any visitor or guest, which may arise from the use of buildings, fittings, equipment and facilities supplied by SMA or used by SMA in the course of supplying its services, including the use of motor vehicles, fixed wing aircraft, boats and helicopters or by other passengers, whether or not such damage to property is in any way caused or contributed to by any negligence including gross negligence, in relation to the facility or equipment by owners or operators, SMA or any of their agents, directors, employees, shareholders or contractors or any party providing assistance or facilities utilised by the safari.
  • SMA does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to the client’s baggage, personal effects or equipment or other property during the client participation in any activities provided by SMA from time to time, however caused and whether due to negligence of SMA, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents or contractors or otherwise.

Any claims, disputes or litigation which may arise from this agreement shall be subject to, governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand. The client hereby irrevocably consents to the jurisdiction of the High Court of New Zealand in respect of any claims, disputes or litigation which may arise from this agreement or its termination.